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If you're using this as a compliment to traditional broadcast radio it's near useless. Want to hear the beginning of the show you caught the tail end of when broadcast? Hope you know the exact name of the show and scheduled broadcast time. Then again, if you did, it wouldn't really help as the schedule button shows a schedule but none of the items therein are links to streams, it's literally just a written schedule, it's also an apparently inaccurate list as well so good luck."


No, you are not getting my personal details for what is ostensibly free material. I just want to listen to my favourite music channels. App has a habit of resetting itself every few days/weeks - very annoying. The podcast length displayed is often incorrect, similarly the live stream information as well as the time if you don't live in AEST. Difficult to navigate nearly all aspects of app. As for majority of material available, might as well be called propaganda machine."


It is disappointing that the last few versions of this very welcome and useful app have become impossible due to random and frequent stopping. It is not fixed by reinstallation. Hope that the new version 8 promised soon fixes it. UPDATE NOW TRIED V8. Same problem. Randomly stops. First time after 20min, then after several minutes, repeatedly. ABC PLEASE FIX IT - WE WANT IT - IT'S GREAT WHILE IT'S WORKING!"

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